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How it Works

Statement Converter reads the transactions from your Excel or CSV file and converts them to the QuickBooks IIF format.

QuickBooks will import the data, saving you time, tedious data entry, and preventing mistakes.

It’s easy-to-use and takes about one second to run.

It’s well-suited to expense tracking, account reconciliations, bookkeeping, and tax-time reporting.


Extremely fast — Processes a typical statement in less than one second.

Easy to use — No special knowledge necessary.

Easy to install — Step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

Safe to use — The converter does not modify your original file.

Customization available — Converters can be modified for a reasonable fee.

Responsive support — Free email support; optional one-on-one remote support.


Most converters are a one-time fee of just $19.95 USD.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Love it or get a full refund. That’s it. (Customized versions are non-refundable).


You need these 3 items to use Statement Converter:

1 Your transactions in CSV or Excel format:

not QIF, QBO.
If you have PDF files, read this important info.

2 QuickBooks:
for Windows:
99 ~ 2020, Enterprise through 14.0
for Mac:
2004 ~ 2016
  • U.S. Canadian, Australian and UK versions of QuickBooks are supported.
  • Some features require QuickBooks version years 2007 and higher or Enterprise 7.0 and higher.
  • Not compatible with QuickBooks Online; see How to Import into QuickBooks Online.
  • If you have a version not listed above, request a sample converted file so you can do a test import before ordering.
3 Microsoft Excel:
for Windows:
any full version of Excel (not Starter)
for Mac:
Excel 2011, 2013, or 2016 (not 2004, 2008)


  • QuickBooks Online, Simple Start (see: How to Import into QB Online)
  • Excel for Mac 2004, 2008 (issues with VBA)
  • Excel Starter (it does not allow Add-ins)
  • OpenOffice, LibreOffice (not compatible with Microsoft VBA)
  • Account statements in PDF/QIF/QBO format (Statement Converter requires CSV/Excel files). If you have PDF files, read this important info.
  • Multiple/Foreign currencies. For a workaround, please see: Working with Multiple Currencies
If you have PDF files...

To import data from PDF statements, a three-step process is necessary. Find out more, here.

How to Buy

Select the issuer of your statement and the type of statement you want to convert.

  • Don’t see your statement type? Just email a sample statement file and I’ll add it.
  • Credit card and bank account transactions are processed differently by QuickBooks so a separate converter is needed for each type of account.
  • Don’t want to do this yourself? Get it done quickly, accurately, and affordably using my Conversion Service.

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1 Issuer of the bank/credit card statement 2 Statement type 3 One-time fee
1st Source Bankbank account
AARPcredit cardselect "Chase credit card" converter
Alliance Bankbank accountAvailable
Ally Bankbank account
Amazon - post web sales as Sales Receiptssales receiptsAvailable
Amazon - post web sales as Bank depositsbank account
Amazon Local Register - post credit card sales as Sales Receiptssales receipts
Amazon Credit cardcredit cardselect "Chase credit card" converter
Amegy Bankbank account
American Eagle Credit Unionbank account
American Expresscredit card
American Savings Bankbank account
Associated Bankcredit card
Banca Sellabank account
Banca Sellacredit card
Banco Popular de PRbank account
Banco Popular de PRcredit card
Bank of Albuquerquebank account
Barclaysbank account
Bank of Americabank account
Bank of Americacredit card
Boeing Employees Credit Unionbank account
Bank of Hawaiibank account
Bank of Irelandbank account
Bank of Marinbank account
Bank of North Georgiabank account
Bank of Scotlandbank account
Bank of Scotlandcredit card
Bank Windhoekbank account
BBVA Compassbank account
Black Hills CUbank account
Boulder Valley CUbank account
Branch Banking and Trustbank account
Branch Banking and Trustcredit card
BrightStar CUbank account
Butterfield Bank (Cayman Islands)bank account
Cabelas Clubcredit card
California Coast CUbank account
Cache Valley Bankbank account
CapitalOnebank account
CapitalOnecredit card
Capitec Bankbank account
Caisse Desjardinsbank accountAvailable
Chasebank account
Chasecredit card
Citibankbank account
Citibankcredit card
Citizens Bankbank accountAvailable
Citizens Bankcredit card
Citizens Natl Bank of St. Louisbank account
Colonial Bankbank account
Columbus Bank and Trustcredit card
Comerica Bankbank account
Commonwealth Bank (Australia)bank accountAvailable
Cooperative Center FCUbank account
Discovercredit card
Discovery Bank (South Africa)credit card
Elan Financialcredit card
El Dorado Savings Bankbank account
E*Tradebank account
Expensifycredit card
FIA Card Services (Fidelity) AmExcredit card
Fifth Third Bankbank account
Fifth Third Bankcredit card
Fidelitybank account
FirstCaribbean International Bankbank account
First Commerce Bankbank account
First Commercial Bank (Colorado/Oklahoma)bank account
First Commonwealth Bank (Pennsylvania)bank account
First Financial Bankbank account
First National Bank (South Africa)bank account
First National Bank of Gillettebank account
First Security Bank of Maltabank account
Flagstar Bankbank accountAvailable
Frost Bankbank account
GenFed Financial CUbank account
Goldenwest CUbank account
Grow Financial CUbank account
Hawaiian Airlinescredit card
Heartland Payment Sys (Credit card deposits to bank account)bank account
Highlands Union Bankbank account
Hillsboro Bankbank accountAvailable
Holyoke CUbank account
Home City FSBbank account
Home Depotcredit card
Horizons North CUbank account
HSBC American Expresscredit card
HSBC (US & UK)bank account
Independent Bank (Michigan)bank account
Indiana University CUbank account
Infinisource Payrollbank account
Junipercredit card
KeyBankbank account
KeyBankcredit card
Kitsap CUcredit card
Less Accountingbank account
Lloyds TSBbank account
Lowescredit card
Los Angeles FCUbank account
Los Angeles Police FCUbank account
M&T Bankbank account
Mechanics Bankbank account
Merrill Lynchbank account
MECU of Baltimorebank account
Michigan State Univ FCUbank account
Midwest Community FCUbank account
Mint accountingbank account
Mint accountingcredit card
Mountain America CUbank account
MX Merchantbank accountAvailable
Nationwide Building Society (UK)bank account
National Bank of Arizonabank account
National Bank of New Zealandbank account
National Bank of New Zealandcredit card
NatWest Bank (National Westminster)bank account
Neat Receiptscredit card
Nedbank (South Africa)bank account
Nedbank (South Africa)credit card
Nassau Educators FCUbank accountAvailable
Neighbors CUbank account
New York Community Bankbank account
North Community Bankcredit card
Northern Trustbank account
Open Skybank account
Patelco CUbank account
Plains Capital Bankbank account
Plains Capital Bankcredit card
PNC Bankbank account
PNC Bankcredit card
Provident CUbank account
Quicken (export to CSV)bank account
Rabobankbank account
Red Crown FCUbank account
Regions Bankbank account
Renasant Bankbank accountAvailable
RFMSbank account
Royal Bank of Canadacredit card
Royal Bank of Scotlandbank account
Sabadell Unitedbank account
Sandia Laboratorybank account
Seacoast National Bankbank account
Sears (Citibank Mastercard)credit card
Servis1st Bankcredit card
Shipbuilders Credit Unionbank account
Silicon Valley Bankcredit card
Societe Generalebank account
Somerset Savings Bankbank account
State Bank of Southern Utahbank accountAvailable
Sterling Savingsbank account
Standard Bank of South Africabank account
Standard Bank of South Africacredit card
Suncrest Bankbank account
SunTrust Bankbank account
Synovus Bankbank account
Synovus Bankcredit card
Taupa Credit Unionbank account
TD Bankbank account
TD Bankcredit card
TD Ameritradebank account
TD Cananda Trustbank accountAvailable
Technicolor Credit Unionbank account
The Coastal Bankbank account
Truist Bankbank account
TruWest Credit Unionbank account
UMB Card Servicescredit card
Umpqua Bankbank account
Union Bankbank account
University of Iowa CUbank account
US Bankbank account
US Bankcredit card
USAAbank account
USAAcredit card
Valley First CUbank account
VersaCheckbank account
Weebly - post as Sales Receiptssales receipts
Western Cooperative CUbank account
West Milton State Bankbank account
Wells Fargobank account
Wells Fargocredit card
Wilmington Trustbank account
Wright Expresscredit card
X-Charge to bank accountbank account
Yodleebank account
Yodleecredit card
Statement Converter GSF  [more info...] bank account
Statement Converter GSF  [more info...] credit card
Statement Converter GSF  [more info coming soon] sales receipts
Statement Converter GSF  [more info coming soon] invoices
Option: Two-part Lookup feature   [more info...] (all)
Custom converter
Upgrade to current version (50% of current price, per statement type)
Quick Start support  [more info...], $49 (up to 1 hour, including remote access to your computer)
Customization / Conversion / Support / Training / Consulting
All logos are trademarks belonging to their respective owners and are used here for identification only; no endorsement is implied.

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  • Emailed, not downloaded: Each order is currently prepared individually, so after your order is received your software will be emailed to you (not a download).
  • Trial Version: A trial version is not available but I can send you a sample .IIF file created by Statement Converter so you can do a test import. Also, the program is satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Conversion Service: Don’t have the time or aptitude to do it yourself? Get it done quickly, accurately, and affordably using my Conversion Service.
  • Questions? Many answers are on the Help page or please contact me.
Installation and Usage

Installing and using the software is simple and easy. In summary:

  • To install (one-time setup):
  1. Add Statement Converter to Excel (Time needed: a couple of minutes)
  2. Enter your QuickBooks account names (Time needed: a couple of minutes)
  • To use (do this for each credit card or bank statement):
  1. Open your statement in Excel and run the converter (less than 1 minute)
  2. Import the transactions into QuickBooks (less than 1 minute)

Detailed directions, complete with screenshots and step-by-step instructions:

Conversion Service

If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this yourself, use my Conversion Service for quick, accurate turnaround at an affordable cost, without buying software.

The data imported perfectly!!! You are a lifesaver. It was well worth it to have you do this for me -- I would have gone bonkers. I would be more than willing to recommend you. Thanks so very much. — Stephanie Walker

Let me tell you, the converted bank statement import has saved me a ton of time! You made my life so much easier with this service. I would probably still be loading data, if it wasn’t for you. The process was wonderful. Quick, efficient and effective. The price/value I believe is fair. Thank you for making my life easier. — Michelle Leonard

Modifying the Software

The program can customized. Submit a support ticket describing your needs and I’ll work with you to modify the program for an affordable fee.

Converter/Importers for Other Statement Formats

If your statement is not listed above in How to Buy, email a sample file and I’ll evaluate it; most can be added.

When sending your sample, please:

  • provide transactions for a complete month
  • include both debit and credit transactions (i.e. checks and deposits for a bank account; charges, payments, and refunds for a credit card account)

You may remove sensitive data if you wish, but don’t alter the layout whatsoever (don’t add or remove any columns or rows).

Support / Contact

Questions, Answers, Info and Tips

Support Policy

Free support is provided by email. If you need to get started "NOW!" or just don’t like instructions, consider Quick Start support which includes one-on-one telephone help and remote access.

Quick Start support

Support by email is free, but sometimes a hands-on session with an expert is best for completing your work quickly.

Quick Start support includes one-on-one telephone help and remote access. I’ll guide you through any questions, including installation and setup, and offer time-saving tips specific to your situation. If you want to get started correctly, save time and effort, or need it done NOW!, Quick Start is for you.

Upon receiving your order for Quick Start support, I’ll contact you to arrange a convenient appointment time.

To order, select Quick Start from the "How to Buy" order menu.

Updates Policy

Updates are free for one year after purchase. After one year, there is a small fee, typically 50% of the current price. View the current version and release history.

Customer Feedback

Exciting, not Frightening

I can't say enough good stuff about Steve and his converter. It's quick, straight-forward, and now my downloaded QB statements aren't so frightening. Thank you SO much, Steve!

Cliff Paulick

Cliff, only horror movies and skydiving should be frightening, not QuickBooks. —Steve

A Tailor-made Charmer

Many thanks to the Quickbooks community to have mentioned Steve Rumberg's converter. It works like a charm. I sent Steve the format of my bank statements, and he tailor-made a converter for me. I later needed to make a minor change and Steve was kind enough to make the change for me without charging more. Awesome customer service! Steve's converter is truly a gem — very easy to use, and very affordable! Thank you, Steve.

thanks and regards, Quyen

Quyen, I'm glad to be of help and I enjoyed working with you. —Steve

Pleasantly Surprised

Steve, I don't often find people or companies who are service focused, but you have clearly demonstrated your commitment to quality, as stated on your website. I was pleasantly surprised that when I had questions about your program, you responded to my email within minutes, and immediately responded to each of my responses. Thank you for setting such a high quality standard. I would not hesitate to purchase another of your solutions.

Heather, Greenman Construction

Thank you for the kind words, Heather, I'm happy to surprise you :-) —Steve

Working Great

I just tried it, Steve, and everything looks to be working great. Thank you VERY much for your help, and if you need anyone to write a good review for your product, I'd be happy to do so. Many thanks!


You are quite welcome. I'll let you know if I need a good review. Oh, wait — there it is, just above! —Steve

Highly Recommend

The converter works great and is exactly what I wanted. The download and installment instructions were step by step and easy to understand. The program saves me a lot of time. I am able to manipulate the data in excel and upload it to Quickbooks within in minutes. Fast and easy and accurate! I highly recommend this converter to anyone who is looking to save time. Thank you Steve for have this program available.

Thanks again,


Sounds like Statement Converter hit the mark. Thanks for the feedback, Ilona! —Steve

Awesome Customer Service!

A huge THANK YOU for your dedication and awesome service. Both the Bank Statement converter (bought 2 months ago) and the Credit Card Statement Converter (bought yesterday) work like a charm — as if there is a magic wand. I am particular grateful for the care that you showed in addressing my needs and keeping the cost down for me (even if it means you get paid less). You go about serving customers with the utmost integrity, and you have won my trust completely. Thanks a million.


My dad is an amateur magician, so I borrowed his magic wand and included some "abracadabra" in the program. Glad you noticed :-)

Grace, Speed and Efficiency

It is not often, in this day & age, to find such dedicated customer service. Steve has customised the importation of my Bank & Credit Card statements into Quickbooks with grace, speed & efficiency. I commend this service to anyone wishing to streamline their accounting systems.

Andrew Cunningham

Dip Arch(Hons) RIBA, MIA, Pr. Arch, CIA, Pr. CPM

Andrew, it was a pleasure working with you. Next, I'm developing a program to convert professional designations into plain English :-)

More than worth it

It works with my QuickBooks Pro 2003! Thank you very much for the converter. You saved me a lot of typing and potential errors and have already more than earned the nominal fee you charged. Thanks again.

Steven Judelson, Amagansett Sea Salt Co.

Fantastic! —Steve

Easier than QuickBooks' own credit card import

I was hesitant at first because seemed like it would be a lot of work, but its amazing actually how much easier it is after you get it setup than the native credit card transaction import of Quickbooks 2008, which Intuit stopped supporting. That situation left me with either having to upgrade to latest or finding another solution. Didn't like those tactics of Intuit so I found the other solution here and it works very well. Thanks again for your help.

Richard A.

That’s a good point: easier and no need to upgrade. It’s nice when that happens. —Steve

Making life easier

The Home Depot Converter has made my accounting so much easier! When I first downloaded the program, I had a little trouble getting it to work on my computer; most likely due to the fact that my computer is so old. Steve helped me get the program to work seamlessly. Thanks!

Lauren K.

Statement Converter and I are glad to be of help! —Steve

Rejoicing over it!

Procrastinators rejoice! With the end of another tax year approaching, Statement Converter will let you burn through the past year’s worth of credit card and bank statement in record time. I wish I had looked for a tool like this year’s ago.

Steve answered every question I asked within hours, and some within minutes of my emailing him. I was able to have Statement Converter up and running and go through several month’s worth of statements in a single evening. Using this tool going forward will save me hours of drudgery.

Ali L.

The holidays, family and now Statement Converter -- all reasons to rejoice! Thanks, Ali :-) —Steve

Exactly as promised

Thanks so much for your help and great product!! The program works exactly like you said it would. I am savings hours of time.

Thanks again,
Tim Warner
Warner Insurance Agency

That’s what I love to hear. You’re welcome! —Steve

Best Result at the Lowest Cost

Three months ago, I encountered a situation where I had to import Excel / CVS files for an oil company. After spending over $2,500 on Quickbooks Enterprise, Intuit could not help me with importing any of the historical Excel / CVS data. We purchased a $99.00 3rd party conversion tool, which was a massive headache and the company provided no support, not to mention it only imported 70% of the transactions, the rest having to be entered manually. Steve Rumberg, from Statement Converter, provided a custom solution which worked for 100% of the transactions. I just wish I'd found Statement Converter earlier!

Frank Anthony (Military | Civilian | Corporate Tech Consultant)

100% success and the lowest cost. Is this a "no brainer" or what? —Steve

Worked Great


I used this to enter my CC splits. Worked great. Instructions are easy to follow.

Happy New Year, Mark

Well, I don’t recommend that men do the splits, but I’m glad that Statement Converter worked well for you. Happy New Year! —Steve


I can't tell you how THRILLED I am to have found Steve Rumberg and his Statement Converter. I have been trying to convert csv files to iif for YEARS and could not get any of the other programs or processes to work for me. Steve is nothing short of brilliant. He is completely committed to making his program work for everyone that wants it, and he goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that happens. I had heard he provided great customer service, but this was nothing short of amazing. He's brilliant. I highly recommend both Steve and his Statement Converter! Thank you Steve!

Kate D., sleepygoat farm and cheese

Thank you, Kate — you were nice to work with. Now, if I could just get my wife to say these things about me... :-) —Steve

Great Product

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your great product. I love the VENDOR file where I can enter abbreviations and automatically classify the vendor to the proper account.

Great job !!!!

Stewart Oberman, KIS Computing

Hey, Stew, that’s nice hear. I appreciate the feedback! —Steve

Highly Recommend

I recently began using Quickbooks and found that the credit card used by my company does not download to Quickbooks as most do. I didn't know what to do because I certainly did not want to manually enter all of the transactions.

I looked on the internet and found the converter by Steve Rumberg. I purchased it for a very nominal fee. Steve’s instructions on the internet are very easy to understand and when I had other questions Steve was very quick to email me with easy to understand explanations.

I would highly recommend this converter for Quickbooks.

Karen Bojak

Thank you for the nice feedback, Karen. —Steve

Amazing Life Saver

This utility is amazing and if you don't see your banking institution listed, just ask the developer for a custom converter. What a life saver and I no longer need to spend hours entering transactions!!

Please save yourself the trouble of searching the internet for free utilities because this one just works for Windows and Mac!!!!

Thanks again Steve.
Gabrielle C.

Saving lives is a recently added feature -- I’m glad it’s working! —Steve

Another life saved

Having your software to import ALL the transactions was a lifesaver.

Eli T., Director/Editor

Now that’s two lives saved. Folks, please don’t call me a hero, I’m just trying to help. —Steve

Happiness is…

Yea! I converted January’s statement and posted it. Wow, I am so very happy. Thank you again.

Cheryl H.

I’m happy that you’re happy. You’re welcome! —Steve

Unreasonably Good

When I needed a statement converter, I searched google and found this site. It was a leap of faith at the time because it’s hard to differentiate one converter from the next. Now that I have purchased this one, I am so glad I did because I learned what the difference is: service.

My statements were from a unique type of account and, initially, the converter did not recognize it. After emailing, Steve was amazingly helpful. On several occasions Steve was kind enough to remotely work on installing and adjusting the program to suit my needs and ultimately custom built me a version to meet my needs. He went well-beyond any reasonable expectations for customer service and really saved the day for me.

I can’t recommend this product and service enough.

David Feinberg

Unreasonably good customer service: why is that unusual these days? —Steve

Fantastic Tool

Fantastic Tool! This converter worked wonderfully to convert all my historical data (1000’s of transactions) from a web-hosted accounting service into Quickbooks transactions. It was so worth the purchase! It saved me so much time. I recommend it to anyone that needs to convert data to a Quickbooks format. Thank you very much!


Excellent! —Steve

Did the Job Beautifully

Great application! I purchased this package to import banking transaction data into Quickbooks Pro 2000 and found that it did the job beautifully. I had some small setup problems due to my conversion file format, but Steve solved my problems within a few minutes and I was able to import 400+ transactions in no time at all... Thanks to Steve for both the application and the great support!

Mark Clark

Beautiful things can come in small packages :-) Steve

The Answer

Steve, your statement converter is THE ANSWER I've been looking for!! I just knew there had to be a fast, easy way to keep up with my Quickbooks, and your converter is IT! I can now do in a few MINUTES what once took me HOURS to do. I also must say that I have never experienced better customer service in my life! I highly recommend you and your product to ANYONE who wants to make their life easier by spending LESS time doing grunt work and MORE time doing things they truly love and enjoy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amber Shannon

You are welcome, welcome, welcome! And, thank you for your second order! — Steve

Absolute Love

My company recently signed up for an American Express Corporate card that only offers PDFs and Excel spreadsheet statement downloads and we needed an efficient and easy way to enter all of our many charges into QuickBooks rather than wasting time manually entering each charge ourselves.

Steve helped me over the span of a week to customize the converter to our particular statement, and it works perfectly. Absolutely love this converter and truly appreciate the quick response time and help from Steve to make sure it would work for our needs!

Kerri Foster

Ain't love grand?! — Steve

Saved TONS of Time


Credit Card Converter worked great.

Saving me TONS of time - thanks very much.

Just purchased the Chase Bank Acct Converter as well.

Thank you again

Ed Plamondon

Sounds like a great WEIGHT off your shoulders :-) Steve

Taxes Done on Time

Just wanted to say thank you for spending the time to help me transfer the file into my Quickbooks. Everything transferred nicely. Your customer service and professionalism surpassed anything I could have hoped for. Now I can get my taxes done on time :)

Mubarakah Ibrahim

I'm glad to make tax time less taxing! — Steve

I Shouldn’t Tell You This But...

Steve, I've been meaning to take a moment to thank you for providing an excellent product. We really needed exactly what only you provide, I'm very grateful to you for the ease of use, the extensive online instructions, and your prompt follow-up and customization. I probably shouldn't tell you - but you could be charging so much more! Anyway, thanks again.

All best,

Rachel Allen

You're welcome. I lose money on every sale, but I make it up on volume :-) Steve


I'm speechless! I greatly appreciate all your help and dedication! I was ready to call it quits because something wasn't working right, but I was so impressed with the excellent customer service you provided to fix the files that somehow had gotten corrupted. Thank you so much, Steve! You are a hero. You've saved me from months of data entry! Cannot wait to send my friends over! :)

Liz G., Lizbeth Geary Photography

>> I'm looking forward to meeting your friends, I just hope they call first! — Steve

Ahh, Symbiosis

Steve, thank you so much for taking the time and energy to make sure I felt 100% confident in what I was doing. It's rare to find someone truly dedicated to their customers and the quality of their products. Not only did you ensure a symbiotic relationship between the converter and Quickbooks, you also saved me hours and hours of manually importing data.

You are one of a kind. Thank you!

Valerie Steighner

I see your data and QuickBooks holding hands, walking the beach as the sun sets... ahh, symbiosis!

You're for real!

Steve, I needed an easy way to import statements from Merrill Lynch into Quickbooks, but Merrill Lynch does not provide the functionality on their website. I Googled for solutions and found your site. So often it seems as if there are no real people behind internet commerce, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that someone is indeed there! You were fast and responsive and even customized a solution for me. I highly recommend your converters and services to anyone who is looking for an easy way to get data into Quickbooks.

Elizabeth Waldorf, Accounting
Monte Zucker Photographic Education

I am a real person. I am not a robot. I am not a robot. I am not a ....

Saved from Horribleness

Hi Steve, thanks for the awesome customer service and excellent product! You've saved me hundreds of horrible hours at my desk!

Mark Berenblum
Chief Operating Officer
Walrus Kayaks

So, that leaves just the good hours at your desk :-)

Love It!

Just imported a couple hundred transactions....LOVE IT!!

Thanks for all your help, and your instructions online are great. I’ve implemented a bunch of the optional settings and it’s going to make life a lot easier!


I love to hear it. Thanks for the feedback! — Steve

Invaluable Tool

Steve wrote a custom converter which has enabled me to quickly import my credit card transactions into Quickbooks. It is an invaluable tool that has automated one of the most tedious, and thereby most often neglected, aspects of my data entry. Steve followed up quickly with tweaks needed specifically for my application, and I highly recommend his work to anyone in need of such a product.

Dr. Roland D. Dowdy, III,
Vice President,
Camp Holly Springs, Inc.

Invalid = not valid but Invaluable = extremely valuable. I taught in Japan and Switzerland for four years and had to explain this. I think they are still scratching their heads over it! — Steve



Both your customer service and your program are a complete touchdown! Thanks so much for saving us so much time on these conversions as entering this much data manually would take far more time. Also, I appreciate your help with the custom "tweaking" of the program to fit our needs. The price you charged to do that was VERY reasonable and it much appreciated!

Thanks again!
Dustin Webster

Statement Converter is at the 30, the 20, the 10... he scores! Statement Converter saves the day! The crowd goes wild!

Works for Blondes

Steve's Statement Converter has taken me away from hours of data entry in front of a computer screen sitting in my office chair to hours of R&R beside my pool in my chaise lounge!!! His heart must be in helping others because I don't believe he's charging enough!!! He's went out of his way to help me and even got "Blonde-rooted" me up and running in no time!!! :)

Lisa L.

Lisa added that her husband tells her, "You ain't the britest crayon in the box, but you're definately the purdiest" (I really cannot add any comment to this; when you’re married, you learn when to keep quiet!)

Back in Control

The "Statement Converter" program has made transferring my credit card transactions into QuickBooks possible. Any questions I had to get the program working were answered timely and patiently by Steve. It has helped me to get control over my expenses and save me time. This is really important to me as a small business owner. Thanks!

Karen S.

My program works for all business owners, regardless of height. — Steve

The Conquerer

The converter is very simple to use and provides a reasonable alternative to the expensive monthly fees charged by the banks. It also provides a great way to be able to import other bank info into QB. I received the program by email right away and was using it within a very short period. The installation and use information is excellent, it is laid out in a very intuitive "use what you need" format that flows very well. I highly recommend this product.

Now if I could only conquer QB...

Mark Elliott

QuickBooks users unite! We shall conquer QB or die trying! — Steve

Whoah! Just Saved $680!

My accountant said he would import my data into quickbooks at $175 per hour and he would cap it at 4 hours. Whoah! Then I found Statement Converter for $20. Yes, it takes time to acclimate yourself to the product but first and foremost Steve’s help and FAQ is very well written. I tested many times without problems but QuickBooks did complain about a few lines. All-in-all, I spent about one hour solving issues and was so pleased to watch 876 transactions get imported into Quickbooks with memos. Yes, I tipped Steve via Paypal!

Darrell Catmull, Destiny Real Estate

Whoah! That's a nice savings, cowboy! — Steve

Best Tutorial Ever

I worked in software for a baker’s dozen years before moving to Publishing (and I still do some consulting.) Your tutorial is the best and most comprehensive I have ever encountered. I just worked my way up through the "small sample set of data" test and everything went very smoothly. In fact, I have to say that this is the FIRST thing since I started trying to set my books up in Quickbooks that has gone more easily than expected. (Though I shouldn’t discount finding a parking spot directly in front of my accountant’s office in Seattle.)

Shasta Willson, Author/Publisher

I knew someone would eventually appreciate the effort. Thanks! — Steve

Slickest Thing Since Sliced Bread

The Statement Converter is the slickest thing since sliced bread. I was somewhat confused as I wanted to have my statements organized prior to importing into QuickBooks. I opted for the "Quick Start" phone assistance from Steve. We scheduled a time and he patiently spent well over an hour to get it perfect. Steve wouldn't let me off of the phone until it worked perfect. He even showed me a few tricks in QuickBooks. Money well spent. I would highly recommend this service.

Jeff Kermath, Saline MI

Darn you, Sliced Bread — you've taken top ranking from me! — Steve

Impressed and Happy

I had purchased the Home Depot Statement converter and I was pretty satisfied with the program, but I wanted to capture more information, specifically the "Store Location/Description." I asked if there was a way to do this and was told that my current version did not support it, but that they would update the converter to do this, and they did it in 2 days. WOW, now I am impressed and very happy with the product. Way to go, and thanks.

Oh, and our annual convention is coming up the end of the month and I will pass this on to other owners.

Glenn Garvey, Handyman Matters

I'm happy that you're impressed. You're welcome! — Steve

Better Than Direct Import

Just wanted to say thanks for the program. I set the config file to my needs and it works great. I actually prefer to use this method as opposed to importing in directly from the bank.

I like to code, too, and it's not too often that someone appreciates all the hard work and late hours on the keyboard. Thanks again.

Jim Minock

Maybe Intuit will replace QuickBooks' "Online Banking" function with "Statement Converter" :-) — Steve

No "Ugh!"

Thanks for the follow-up. I’ve already installed it, run some conversions, and pulled them into QB, so everything is good.

Thanks for making this available, otherwise I was going to be up for a long bout in Excel figuring out how to generate IIF files. Ugh!

David Roach

Welcome to the no "ugh" method — Steve

Way Cool

Thanks for the help – and for being a conversion nut that wants to help other people who really hate to type in data. I had been paying a bookkeeper to do manual data entry and now I can do this myself, which is way cool...

Ruth Miller

See folks, accounting can be cool, too!

What Can Be Better?

As a user who deals with quickbooks and some clients who do not wish to do direct download, I use converters rather than spend time entering every transaction. The ones I have used have been clumsy and required tweaking every time. Not Steve’s converter! His worked perfectly with the bank I was working with. And, when that bank changed the format of their csv files, I contacted Steve and he sent me the updated version at no charge! What can be better than that?! Will definitely be buying more of Steve’s converters in the future!!

Edie Foss, Reliable Accounting and Tax Service

Thank you for notifying me of the change in the CSV file; I was happy to update the program for you.

A Happy Accident

It was a "happy accident" when I stumbled upon the Statement Converter website! I had been searching online for a way to import my bank statements into QuickBooks without having to buy an expensive upgrade every 3 years. The cost was minuscule compared to QB. However, the best part is Steve, the genius behind the product. His customer support is the BEST and quickest anywhere! On 2 different occasions since I bought Statement Converter my bank changed some of the data fields in the csv file which caused the converter not to work properly. Of course, this was not Steve’s fault but he helped me get it fixed quickly and easily. I just wish some of the other companies that I do business with had someone like Steve there…but of course he’s an extremely "rare breed" these days.

Connie H.

I’m glad we found your happy place :-) Good customer service is no accident.

Taking the time to be Quick

Thank you, Steve, for taking the time to sort out the Statement Converter and customize it for my specific conversion. Your quick reaction time and the time that you took to make it work for me is much appreciated.

Norman Stevens

As a data-conversion ninja, speed is important so I'm always honing my reaction time :-)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for all of your incredible help, wonderful customer service, and exceptional expertise!!

I love managing my clients’ multi-million dollar accounts, but spent way too much time entering endless transactions for them each month. Now with the simple click of a few buttons, and literally 2 minutes, all transactions are downloaded automatically and perfectly, and I am free to work on much higher-level tasks!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Take good care,

Mary Kent

You are welcome, welcome, welcome!! :-)

Beyond Satisfied!

Thanks for a lifesaver! Your customer service is superb. Steve custom made one of the converters that I needed.

I use converters for three different banks and they work better and faster than QB Bank Feeds. After you spend the initial time of setting up your vendors, it is a breeze and zero errors!!

I am beyond satisfied. Thanks a lot Steve!

Ana Kairis, CPA

Excellent. I'm beyond happy to hear that :-)


OMG!!....Thank you so much for putting this application together. I am using it along with the Lookup Feature for our vendors and it has already saved us days worth of work. It works perfectly.


Michael R. Tills, Owner/Senior Systems Engineer, Competitive Edge Technology Group, Inc.

You are most welcome. Time-saving perfection is my goal!

Help Others Know about Statement Converter

Please help me spread the word that Statement Converter exists. Post a link to on blogs, forums, help pages, and let your friends and colleagues who use QuickBooks know about it, too. Your bookkeeper/accountant definitely will thank you for telling them about it. The more support I get, the more features and continuing upgrades I can provide to you.