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Two-part Lookup Option

The standard Lookup feature compares each transaction to one value, in column A:

screenshot of one-part lookup option

The Two-Part Lookup option can compare transactions to two values for precise matching:

screenshot of two-part lookup option


Your statement contains transfers from different accounts. The descriptions are:

Deposit to Checking, Account #1234
Deposit to Checking, Account #5678

The Two-Part Lookup option can properly post these transactions to their respective accounts.

Compare to One Column or Two

Many statements contain the entire transaction description in a single column, such as "Description". The program can examine that one column for two values.


If the Description contains "Deposit to Checking" and the Description contains "#1234", then assign Vendor name V and post it to account A.

Other statements have multiple columns of description, such as "Payee" and "Memo". The program can examine each column separately.


If the Payee contains "Deposit to Checking" and the Memo contains "#5678", then assign Vendor name V and post it to account A.

How to Activate Two-Part Lookups
Purchase the Activation Code
  1. Purchase the Two-Part Lookup Option from the Statement Converter order menu. You’ll receive an activation code.
  2. In Excel, select Convert to QB > View config... and select your conversion settings.
  3. Enter the activation code in Overrides > Option at the bottom right

    screenshot of Overrides

  4. Click Save changes and Close. Leave Excel open.

Select the 2nd Lookup Column
  1. Statement Converter uses the Payee column for the first lookup comparison. Choose which column to use for the second lookup comparison. Typically, this is the Payee, Description or Memo column.
  2. Copy and paste the following setting into SC_config_System.txt:

    # set the two-part lookup option
    Lookup_Comparison_Column_2 =


    • You decide to have both lookup comparisons on the Payee. In your statement, Payee data is in column B, so you would enter:

      Lookup_Comparison_Column_2 = B

    • You want lookups to be on the Payee and the Memo. Memos are in column F of your statement, so your setting for the second lookup would be:

      Lookup_Comparison_Column_2 = F

  3. Save the changes and close the file
  4. Re-start Excel (when changes are made to the system config file, Excel must be restarted)
Add 2nd Lookup Column to Your Lookup table
  1. In Excel, open the Lookup table (e.g. Vendor_lookup.xls)
  2. Insert a new, empty column B by selecting column B and clicking Insert > Column

    screenshot of worksheet with new column

  3. You may enter any label you wish in header cell B1.
  4. Save the changes. You may leave the file open for further editing or close it.
Create Your Matching Rules
  1. Enter your matching rules in columns A and B of the Lookup table

    screenshot of lookup table

  2. If you enter text in columns A and B, both items have to match.

    If you enter text in only one column, A or B, only that one item has to match.

Convert Your Statement

Convert your statement as usual.

If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket.

Complete instructions for the Lookup feature are here.