Do I have to buy multiple converters?

If I want to convert statements from multiple banks or credit cards, do I have to buy multiple converters or is there a single converter for all of them?


The converters are specific to each bank/credit card company because they each provide their statements in all different formats and because QuickBooks processes bank account transactions differently from credit card transactions.  You need a converter for each vendor (statement format) and for each transaction type (bank account or credit card).

Statement Converter also has a "generic" converter which is not specific to any particular bank or credit card format but requires that your data be arranged according to the generic format.

Generally, it is best to use a vendor-specific converter because those converters include logic for extracting key data from that particular statement format. However, if you are exporting data from a PDF or other source and your data will lose the bank's layout, the generic converter is an alternative.

How to choose:

If your transactions are in .CSV or Excel files and you want the fastest, easiest way to convert your files, buy the individual converters: just open your statement and click "convert."

If you have converted PDFs to Excel or have statements from multiple vendors and want the least-expensive solution and are willing to edit each of your statements to match the generic format, buy the generic converter. The details of the generic converter are here: /support/knowledgebase.php?article=30

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