About the paid Conversion Service

If you don't have the time or interest in converting your data yourself, I can do it for you, saving you time and effort and ensuring accuracy.

If your statements are in PDF format, then: 

First, Statement Converter requires that your your transactions be in CSV or Excel format. If you have PDFs, you must first extract the transactions or I can extract the transactions for you; please see PDF to QuickBooks Conversion Service.

If your statements are already in CSV or Excel format, then:

PRICE:  The standard charge is $99 (special offer; regularly $149) and includes unlimited transactions in one file for a single bank or credit credit card.  Additional files using the exact same settings are $1.95 each. It also includes up to two repeat conversions of the same data in case you want to change the conversion options.

In the unlikely event that your statement is a non-standard format, you will be quoted any additional cost prior to the conversion.

TURNAROUND TIME:  Your converted data will be sent to you within 1 business day after receiving your complete order. A complete order means you have provided:

- the statement (in CSV or Excel) to be converted

- the 4 required settings for your type of statement:

Required settings for Bank Account statements or Required settings for Credit Card statements

LIMITATIONS:  There are TWO LIMITATIONS which you should understand:
LIMITATION #1:  If the payee names on your statements are combined together with other data (not in a separate column all by themselves), then the converter cannot know what Vendor names to use for QuickBooks and it will therefore assign the same, generic Vendor name for every transaction, for example: "to be decided", "unknown" or "??" (you specify the text to use).

If you are just trying to categorize your expenses for tax purposes and the vendor names do not matter to you, you're okay. On the other hand, if you do want to have the correct vendor assigned to each transaction, you have two options:

Option A:  After importing, in QuickBooks you could edit the transactions and assign the appropriate Vendor name.

The advantage to this is that you quickly and accurately get the date and amount of each tranaction into QuickBooks; the disadvantage is that you still have to edit each transaction.


Option B:  Before sending your statement for conversion, edit each transaction in a spreadsheet program (such as Excel) and enter your desired Vendor names.

The advantage to this is that it's faster and easier to edit the transactions in Excel than in QuickBooks.

LIMITATION #2:  There is no way for the converter to know to what accounts your transactions should be posted. Therefore, all transactions will be posted to generic, "to be decided" accounts.

Specifically, all debit transactions will be posted to a generic debit account, such as "Debits TBD", and all credit transactions will be posted to a generic credit account, such as "Credits TBD". You choose the two accounts to be used (and they can be the same account, if you wish).

Then, after importing, in QuickBooks you would edit the transactions and assign the appropriate account, if desired.  (You could also "rename and merge" them.)

HOW TO ORDER:  First, request a quote by attaching your statement to a support ticket.  After receiving your quote, place your order from the menu on the home page and provide the 4 required settings.  Your data will be converted to .IIF and sent to you within 1 business day.

GUARANTEE: I guarantee that the transactions will import, subject to the limitations described above.

WANT TO TEST IT?  If you would like to do a test import before ordering, please request my sample IIF file which contains some sample transactions.  There is no charge for the test file.

Please let me know if you have any questions.