Requirements for using Statement Converter

To use Statement Converter, you need the following 3 items:

1.  Your bank account or credit card statement in CSV or Excel format (not PDF, QIF, QBO). If you have PDF files, see here.

2.  QuickBooks for Windows 99 ~ 2017, QuickBooks Enterprise through 13.0, or QuickBooks Mac 2004 ~ 2013. U.S., Canadian, Australian and UK versions of QuickBooks are supported. Some features work only with QuickBooks version years 2007 or higher and Enterprise 7.0 or higher. Not compatible with QuickBooks Online; instead see How to Import into QuickBooks Online.

If you have a version other than listed above, request a sample converted file so that you can do a test import before ordering.

3.  Microsoft Excel:

  • For Windows, any full version of Excel should work (not Starter).
  • For Mac, Excel 2011 or 2013 (not 2004, 2008, 2016).


  • QuickBooks Online, Simple Start (see: How to Import into QuickBooks Online)
  • Excel for Mac 2004, 20082016 (issues with VBA)
  • Excel Starter (it does not allow Add-ins)
  • OpenOffice, LibreOffice (it does not have VBA)
  • Account statements in PDF/QIF/QBO format (Statement Converter requires CSV/Excel files). If you have PDFs, see here.
  • Multiple/foreign currencies.  For a workaround, please see: Working with Multiple Currencies