Cannot locate imported transaction

If you have just imported your transactions but do not see them where you expect to in QuickBooks, use QuickBooks to find it:  Edit > Find > Amount > select "=" > enter the $amount of the transaction > Find.

If the account and/or vendor names you specified for your import do not exactly match your existing entries in QuickBooks, then new accounts and vendors will be created.

If the Find function does not locate it, it's possible that the transaction was not imported. Using Excel, open the .IIF file that you just imported and scroll down to view the transactions. Is the transaction in the file?

If yes, look at the details, such as the accounts to which it was posted. If no, we'll need to diagnose why the transaction was not converted. Possible reasons include the statement not being a recognized format or bad data in the statement, such as an invalid date. Feel free to submit a request for help; be sure to attach your statement file and config file.

Note: Do not edit IIF files directly.  IIF files are saved in a special format specifically for QuickBooks; they are not regular Excel or text files.  If you want to adjust the conversion result, re-convert -- don't edit the .IIF file.