How to enter Sub-accounts

Enter sub-accounts as: parent-account:sub-account:sub-account (account names separated by a colon, no spaces allowed around the colon)

Example: You have a parent account 2100 Credit cards and your VISA card is account 2105 Visa. Enter the configuration setting as: Credit cards:Visa

See also: How to specify account NUMBERS instead of NAMES

Note: The program automatically removes spaces in version 2.4.14 and later. 

If you have imported your transactions and find that unwanted, duplicate accounts have been created, it is easy to correct:

  • in QuickBooks, go to the Chart of Accounts
  • select an unwanted account and EDIT it
  • change the NAME to match the name of the wanted account
  • SAVE the change. 
  • QuickBooks will warn that an account with that name already exists and ask if you want to merge the two accounts. Select YES.  All of the transactions from both accounts will be merged together in the desired account.