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How to Download USAA Statements
  1. Browse to the USAA website and click My Accounts

    USAA Statement

  2. Select the account
The next steps vary slightly depending on the type of account:
for a CREDIT CARD account:
  1. click Export

    USAA Statement

  2. select Comma-Delimited (CSV) then Export

    USAA Statement

for a LOAN account:
  1. click Open

    USAA Statement

  2. select Comma-Delimited (CSV) and Export

    USAA Statement

  1. When prompted, select Save File to save the statement file to your computer and click OK.

    Save the Statement

  2. Save the file in the statements folder on your computer. In this example, we’re saving the file with the provided default filename of bk_download.csv into a folder named My Credit Card Statements.

    Select the download folder

  3. Click Save

Downloading is complete.

Next, use Statement Converter to convert the data to the Quickbooks format.

Has USAA changed their screens? Please let me know.