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How to Download Home Depot Statements
  1. Browse to the Home Depot website and click My Account

    Home Depot Statement


    Home Depot Statement

  3. Click View Your Statement

    Home Depot Statement

  4. Select View My Account then Statement. You should see:

    Home Depot Statement

  5. From the dropdown box, select the statement to download:

    Select the Statement

  6. Click the Download link

    Download link

  7. When prompted, SAVE the statement file to your computer and click OK

    Save the Statement

  8. Navigate to your statements folder

  9. In this example, we're saving the file with the provided default filename of 11-29-10.csv into a folder named My Credit Card Statements:

    Select the download folder

  10. Click Save

Downloading is complete.

Next, use Statement Converter to convert the data to the Quickbooks format.

Has Home Depot changed their screens? Please let me know.