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How to Import PDF files
Importing transactions from PDFs into QuickBooks requires three steps which require time, expertise working with data, and understanding how Statement Converter processes it.
  1. First, EXTRACT the data from the PDF into Excel.

    I can do this for you or you can do it yourself using this software: PDF to Excel converter

  2. Next, MANIPULATE the data into a Statement Converter-compatible layout.

    The data must be arranged to match the format specified for one of the bank-specific converters or the generic converter. This step is particularly time-consuming. If doing it yourself, plan to spend at least an hour per statement; I can do it faster because I have special tools to automate it.

  3. Finally, CONVERT your transactions into the QuickBooks format using Statement Converter.

    If doing it yourself, you’ll need the Statement Converter program. If I do it, you don’t need the software.

Support for do-it-yourself is available with a Quick Start support session. Alternatively, you can use my Conversion Service for quick, accurate turnaround at an affordable cost, without buying software.

The data imported perfectly!!! You are a lifesaver. It was well worth it to have you do this for me -- I would have gone bonkers. I would be more than willing to recommend you. Thanks so very much. — Stephanie Walker

Let me tell you, the converted bank statement import has saved me a ton of time! You made my life so much easier with this service. I would probably still be loading data, if it wasn’t for you. The process was wonderful. Quick, efficient and effective. The price/value I believe is fair. Thank you for making my life easier. — Michelle Leonard

Have .CSV or Excel files?
You’re in luck! Statement Converter works directly with .CSV and Excel files. Get info and buy a converter.