Config or lookup file is not seen by the program

If Statement Converter does not see your conversion settings config file or your lookup file, here's what to do:

1. The conversion settings config files (SC_config_xyz.txt) must be in the same folder as the statements you wish to convert.  

2. The filenames must start with "SC_config_" and end in ".txt"  (In version 2.4.47 and earlier, the filenames start with "StatementConverter_config_".)

Proper setup of config files

3. If your files appear to be correct but the program still doesn't see them, check whether your operating system is set to hide "known extensions."  If file extensions are hidden and you, not seeing .txt on the screen, think that the extension is not there and so you add it, the result is ".txt.txt" (one .txt that you see, one .txt that is hidden) and the computer will not see the file.

For example, in Windows, select Start > Control Panel > Folder Options  > View.  Is "Hide extensions for known file types" checkmarked?