Run-time error '1004' Cannot run macro

If you receive the message, "Cannot run the macro "!Convert_XXXX_to_QB'. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled," it is due to the security settings on your computer.

Solution: The StatementConverter.xla add-in needs to be in an Excel "trusted location." You can either:

(a) tell Excel that StatementConverter's current location is trusted
How to: In Excel, FILE > OPTIONS > TRUST CENTER > TRUSTED LOCATIONS > ADD > browse to the folder where StatementConverter.xla is.
(b) move the program to an existing trusted location
How to: In Excel, FILE > OPTIONS > TRUST CENTER > TRUSTED LOCATIONS. Several locations will be listed. Choose one that you wish to use and then move (copy and paste) the StatementConverter.xla file to that location. Then, re-install the add-in in Excel by following the simple directions here: How to Reinstall
If the .xla file is not where you expect it to be, Excel may have relocated it without telling you (for example, to a Microsoft folder located in Documents and Settings). Search your hard drive for it and then add its folder as a trusted location.

After doing the above, you may also need to re-activate the Add-in. It's easy to do: Re-activate the Add-in.  Now run the converter and it should be fine.