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"Tax field cannot be left blank" when importing Invoices or Sales Receipts


When importing Sales Receipts or Invoices, QuickBooks says: 

Screenshot - QB Error: Tax field cannot be left blank


In QuickBooks, the Sales Tax preference is ON, but Statement Converter is not set properly for sales tax.


Option 1:  In QB, set the Sales Tax preference OFF.  (Edit > Preferences > Sales Tax)

Option 2:  In the Statement Converter conversion settings (Convert to QB > View config...), checkmark the setting "Charge Sales Tax" and enter all the sales tax settings.  ALSO, in the Statement Converter "system" config file (SC_config_System.txt), add this setting on a line by itself:

If sales tax is included in each transaction total (or there is no sales tax), add this setting:


If sales tax is a separate column for each transaction, add this setting:

DISTRIB_ACCOUNT_4_ITEM_NAME = Sales Tax item name here

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