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How to download CSV/Excel files from particular banks and credit card companies


How to download CSV/Excel files from particular banks and credit card companies:



1. HOME DEPOT (new as of March 2, 2015):

To access the csv file:

  1. From select "Credit Center"
  2. Select "Sign In"
  3. After logging in, select your type of credit card (this gets ridiculous...)
  4. Click "I Acknowledge"  (more ridiculousness)
  5. Click "Start Login Process" and enter your username and password
  6. At the stop of screen select "E-Statements"
  7. At the bottom of the screen, select "Print E-Statement"
  8. Select "CSV Format" and click "Download" (If it says "unavailable", select an earlier statement)
  9. Save the file to your computer.  You're now ready to convert the file using Statement Converter.
My Credit Card Account

How to download Home Depot CSV file



To access the csv file:

  1. Log onto
  2. Under "Your Business Card Summary" section, click on "see statements"
  3. Under "I'd like to" section on the top right of the page, click the red text "see more choices"
  4. Click on the 7th option, "download activity"
  5. Choose the appropriate date range and make sure to select "Comma Separated Values CSV" under the select download type.



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