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"Account types do not match"


Message: "This file cannot be imported because the account types do not match. The (account name) account type in the import file is X which does not match the account type Y used in your company file"

What it means: Statement Converter and QuickBooks disagree on the type of the account.

What is happening: You are trying to import into an account which is set in QuickBooks to a type that is different from what Statement Converter is using.

By default, Statement Converter posts transactions to "expense" accounts, unless you change it.  If the account type in QuickBooks is different, such as "cost of goods sold" or "income," the types won't match and QuickBooks will give this error.

Example:  You told Statement Converter to use "Job Materials" as the expense account but in your QuickBooks chart of accounts Job Materials is set as a "Cost of goods sold" account; since the account types don’t match, QuickBooks gives an error.

Solution for version 3.0 and later:

STEP 1: Check the account type in your config settings:

  1. Using Excel, open a statement file
  2. From Statement Converter's "CONVERT TO QB" menu, select "VIEW CONFIG..."
  3. If you're using this account as the "Default QB Debit account", set "Default QB Debit account TYPE" to match the account type in your QuickBooks chart of accounts:

  1. If you're using this account as the "Default QB Credit account", set "Default QB Credit account TYPE" to match the account type in your QuickBooks chart of accounts:

STEP 2: If you're using the Lookup feature, check the account type in your Lookup file:

  1. Using Excel, open your Lookup file (i.e. vendor_lookup.xls)
  2. Looking down the column labeled "...and use this for QB Account", locate all rows using the account name that QuickBooks is complaining about (tip: use Excel's "Find" feature")
  3. In each of the rows, in the column labeled "..and use this for the Account Type," change the type to match the account type in your QuickBooks chart of accounts.

Solution for version 2.7.96 and earlier:

  1. Using Excel, open the .IIF file that you are trying to import and look at the line (row) to determine the name of the account which is causing the issue. Most common is line 4, which is the account you specified for the setting "QB_Expense_Account".
  2. Next, look at the account in your QuickBooks chart of accounts to see what TYPE it is.
  3. Now that you know which account name is causing the issue, you have three choices:
A. Tell Statement Converter the type of account to use by adding the setting QB_EXPENSE_ACCOUNT_TYPE to your statement configuration file. For example:
QB_Expense_Account_Type = Cost_of_goods_sold
This setting and the values you can use are explained in detail here: QB_Expense_Account_Type
B. Create a new expense account in your QuickBooks chart of accounts, say, "My Credits TBD," and put that account name into your config file, or
C. In QuickBooks, change the account type to "Expense" (Chart of Accounts > (select account) > Edit)

If you're unsure, I'll help you figure it out. Create a support ticket and attach your files. Please include screenshots whenever possible.

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