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PDF to QuickBooks service


I can convert your PDF statements to QuickBooks, saving you significant time and effort.

Converting PDF statements to QuickBooks consists of three steps which require time, expertise working with data and understanding how Statement Converter processes it.  Each service is offered individually so that you may order just those services you need and keep the cost as low as possible.

1. Extraction: Extract your entire PDF file (all text and numbers) into a spreadsheet format. $1.95 per statement -or- 
Get the software to do it yourself
2. Manipulation: Remove all non-transaction data and arrange the transaction data into a Statement Converter-compatible layout. $29.95 per statement
(a "statement" contains transactions for a one-month period)

It is critical that your data be arranged according to the exact layout specified by the converter to be used. Each converter has a different layout of rows and columns, positive/negative values, date format, etc.

3. Conversion: Convert your transactions into QuickBooks-compatible format. $99 per bank account or credit card account (special offer, regularly $149).

Includes conversion of one statement per account. Additional statements for the same account (using identical conversion settings): $1.95 each.

Includes up to 2 repeat conversions, in case you wish to change the conversion options.

 Lower-cost alternative: Purchase a converter and do it yourself.

You may do any of the steps yourself or have me do them all.

The converted file(s) will be emailed to you and then you import the transactions into QuickBooks on your computer.

Cost calculator:

1. Extraction: # of PDF files: ____ x $1.95 = $_____
2. Manipulation: # of PDF files: ____ x $29.95 = $_____
3. Conversion: $99 for the first file = $ 99
  # of additional statements ____ x $1.95 = $_____
  Total of above = $_____

Pricing example: for 12 PDF statements for one bank account or credit card account

1. Extraction: # of PDF files:  12  x $1.95 = $  23.40
2. Manipulation: # of PDF files:  12  x $29.95 = $ 359.40
3. Conversion: $99 for the first statement $  99.00
  # of additional statements  11  x $1.95 = $  21.45
  Total of above = $ 503.25

The turnaround time for 12 statements is typically 2 business days.

You can do all of this yourself for free and just purchase a converter, or have me do it all for you. What is your time worth?

"The data imported perfectly!!! You are a lifesaver. It was well worth it to have you do this for me -- I would have gone bonkers. I would be more than willing to recommend you. Thanks so very much." — Stephanie Walker

"Let me tell you, the converted bank statement import has saved me a ton of time! You made my life so much easier with this service. I would probably still be loading data if it wasn't for you. The process was wonderful. Quick, efficient and effective. The price/value I believe is fair. Thank you for making my life easier." — Michelle Leonard


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