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Importing into QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Online does not import .IIF files (so it's not compatible with Statement Converter) but you CAN import transactions from CSV, QFX, QBO, or OFX files using this procedure:

  • From the QuickBooks Online Home screen, select Transactions > Banking
  • At the top-right corner, click File Upload (or, Manage Rules > File Upload)
  • Follow the prompts to upload your data and select the account into which the transactions are to be imported.  Click Next (at the bottom right) after each step.  
    • If importing a CSV file, you will have to map the columns from your transaction file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks: 
      • The CSV file must have a header row and these columns:
        • Date, Payee/Description, Amount (debits as negative, credits as positive), or
        • Date, Payee/Description, Debits (positive), Credits (positive)
      • For bank account transactions, the Debit column refers to withdrawals and the Credit column refers to deposits.  
      • For credit card transactions, the Debit column refers to charges/spending and the Credit column refers to payments made to the credit card company.
  • A preview of the transactions will display.  Click Yes at the confirmation prompt.
  • After the completion message displays, click Finish.  
  • A list of the transactions will display.  For each row, MATCH it to an existing transaction already entered in QuickBooks or ADD the new transaction.
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