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Before you buy / Pre-sales questions / Ordering
PDF to QuickBooks service
If you have PDF files...
Importing into QuickBooks Online
Working with Multiple Currencies
About the paid Conversion Service
I ordered. Where's my software?
Requirements for using Statement Converter
Do I have to buy multiple converters?
May I install on multiple computers?
Can I modify the software?
Installing / Uninstalling the program
How to install an Update (or Reinstall)
Error: This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-related features.
Error in loading DLL (on Mac)
If it doesn't run (Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)...
Error: "Macro may not be available or all macros be disabled"
Installing with Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007
How to uninstall the program
Error: "Not a valid Add-in"
Excel 2016 - Add-in doesn't appear
Configuring / Customizing the Converter
The "Generic" converters for Banking and Credit card transactions
Two-part Lookup feature ($)
Separating personal and business account statements
Settings needed when using the Conversion Service
How to specify account NUMBERS instead of NAMES
Where to put settings -- 'System' or 'Statement' config file
How to enter Sub-accounts
The "Amazon Local Register" converter
The "Generic" converter for Invoices
How to enter "system" conversion settings
Using the Converter
Run-time error '1004' Cannot run macro
Menu is grayed-out/disabled/dimmed
Runtime error '13' (when editing a config file)
Runtime error '13' (when converting)
Error #53 or Error #75 when editing/saving a config file
Config or lookup file is not seen by the program
Error in "SaveQBFile"
Do you want to save changes?
Error #70 in SaveTextToFile - Permission denied
Run-time error '1004' in SetLookupTable
Importing into QuickBooks
"Can't change the type of a name or a add a duplicate name"
"Can't change account type"
How to import your converted .IIF files (Paid conversion service)
"Tax field cannot be left blank" when importing Invoices or Sales Receipts
Viewing your .IIF file / Previewing transactions before importing
Cannot locate imported transaction
"Account types do not match"
Accounts are duplicated (How to Merge duplicates)
QuickBooks can't update this report
Contact / Get help
Remote Support
Ask a question / Get help
View your previous questions and answers
Release History
Privacy Policy
The Statement Converter story
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